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Monster Horror Film 13th Child poster

13th Child

Released - 2002
Genre - Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Directors - Thomas Ashley, Steven Stockage
Starring - Cliff Robertson, Lesley-Anne Down, Christopher Atkins, Gano Grills, Robert Guillaume

This is a terrible cheap monster movie about the over used Jersey Devil who is supposed to inhabit the Pine Barrens. The dodgy story is about a shape shifting monster picking off people in the woods. An Assistant DA is sent to investigate and with the help of a couple of local cops she finds ravaged human remains and some strange claws. They alert the man they believe is responsible, the mysterious Mr Shroud and an inept finale ensues. Cliff Robertson is the only actor I recognise here and this production, which was filmed the same year as Spiderman in which he played Uncle Ben, could not be more different. It is terribly cheap, the monster looks awful, the effects are very poor, there is very little gore and the direction is uninspiring. The acting is also extremely weak and Cliff really hams it up in his baddie role. This falls into the so bad it's funny category.

Gore - some blood and an overused deer carcass

Monster - one of the daftest looking devil type monsters I have ever seen

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