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You can check out the latest Eat Horror reviews via the links on the left. You may also want to delve into our articles. We've got plenty of gory goodness from Hillbilly Horror Rules to the Greatest Slasher Villains. If there's something you'd like to see or you want a film reviewed then drop us a message we aim to please.

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Anything good on the horror horizon? New horror movies just keep on coming. What are you excited about?

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You'll also find a ton of remakes and sequels, that we can expect will suck. Anything you're looking forward to? Drop us an email or post on Twitter or Facebook.

5 Horror Movies Every Horror Fan Has To See

Supernatural Horror Film

Picking the best of the best is not easy with so many good films to choose from. Here are a few essentials that every horror fan worthy of the name has to see.

Kubrick was a master of direction and The Shining was his horror masterpiece. Based on a Stephen King story and starring Jack Nicholson this is as good as it gets.

Cannibal Horror Film

The original Night of the Living Dead is where the zombie genre clawed its way out of the earth and into our hearts. Romero's classic, made with amateur actors and filmed in black and white, is now in the public domain so you can see it for free (there is no excuse not to).

It's partly nostalgia but A Nightmare on Elm Street is still a great horror movie and it highlights Craven's talents as it introduces us to the razor fingered Freddy. Avoid the remake though, it's not good.

Vampire Horror Film

For anarchic, funny, manic, crazy horror you can't beat Evil Dead 2. It is one of the few films that you can watch an infinite number of times. It successfully blends horror and comedy, not an easy feat.

Halloween is the original slasher template and a masterpiece in tension from Carpenter. If you love the Friday the 13th films and every slasher that came after you have to check out the original.

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